American online poker players who want to play poker for real cash online have long found that they run in to trouble when searching for internet sites that will allow American players. After the federal government passed the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, also called the UIGEA, a lot of those poker rooms indefinitely frozen the U.S. player balances. Of course, all laws have loopholes, and only because this law made it even more challenging for its websites to accept money from U.S. players, it didn’t exactly make it contrary to the law to allow them to simply accept American players.

So what exactly does the judgment say? According to many interpretations of this law, the judgment can  di make it illegal for banks to transfer money toaccept or accept transfers out of, internet poker rooms. As a reply, the poker websites figured out ways to send money into, and receive money fromonline poker players from the states by employing alternative payment procedures.

The debate is heated among poker players because they assert that the judgment needs to exclude poker, as the poker websites provide a game of skill, not just a game of luck – which means that they are not gaming sites. In addition they say that because players bet against each other and do not pay the house directly when they lose, this also accomplishes them. They must be able to get payments from players’ bank accounts without any restrictions.

Dozen of lawsuits are currently filed in the US, most of these hoping to get the UIGEA to more clearly define the laws.

UIGEA did succeed in fueling an costly (in legal penalties ) backlash from many internet poker rooms along with U.S. players. There was a decrease in the range of poker sites that allowed American players, but web sites that accepted US player could thrive, and also the players who left the chambers which denied their money, only moved to new sites. There really are a slew of sites which may give details on where Americans can still play poker on line, it just needs a small amount of research.

Representative Barney Frank has recently begun the process to change the current laws. Rep. Frank needed a bill in his House Financial Services Committee that would overturn the UIGEA and put the framework for a regulated Internet gambling industry within the US.